The Pratomagno is a ridge on the lower Apennine mountains in Tuscany located to the north-east of the city of Arezzo; it divides the Casentino from the upper Valdarno. It’s mostly situated within the province of Arezzo, with a small section in the province of Firenze (Florence).

This is an unusually beautiful landscape where people from all over the world come to walk and admire the scenery, especially in summer. The panorama that can be seen from up there, particularly looking south-south- west, is unique in terms of the breadth of its vista: it stretches from the northern Apennines on the Tuscan-Romagnan border all the way to Monte Amiata in the south, and from Monte Cetona near Lazio to the peaks of the Monti Sibillini that divide Umbria from Le Marche.

In 2017 a group of these olive growers began to get together informally to share their experiences. They were particularly keen to discuss the big issues, such as how to convert their olive groves to organic farming, what extraction systems worked best, and how to price their oils in today’s cutthroat market in which they find themselves competing against badly made industrial oils.

Their initial meetings led to the idea of forming a group, l’Associazione Olivicoltori del Pratomagno (the Association of Pratomagno Olive Growers). They decided to create a production protocol to determine the best practices for their work, and to join forces to buy an olive mill in order to keep control of the most important phase of the oil production, the extraction.

Olissea has decided to tell the stories of this association and to follow its developments and results. Our aim is to bring together the people who buy extra virgin olive oil and the people who make quality oils, and to help the former understand the difficulties and successes of the latter. We would like our readers to learn to ‘read’ an olive oil label and to better understand the careful and exacting work that goes into producing every bottle of top-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Initially there were 10 estates in the Association, but others have since joined.
Here is the list of the producers currently taking part in the group’s project:

1. azienda agricola Sàgona (Loro Ciuffenna) Corrotti Daniele
2. azienda agricola Poggio La Tana (Loro Ciuffenna) Lorenzo e Tommaso Romualdi
3. azienda agricola Le Fontacce (Loro Ciuffenna) Simone Botti
4. azienda agricola Le Coste (Loro Ciuffenna) Paolo Bonaccini
5. azienda agricola Pietre al Monte (Loro Ciuffenna) Antonio Oddo
6. azienda agricola La Giumella (Reggello) Paolo Mancini, Giordano Cellai Francesco Cellai
7. azienda agricola Franchi Valentina (Terranuova Bracciolini) Federigo Leopardo
8. azienda agricola Picchioni (Terranuova Bracciolini) Picchioni Alessandro
9. azienda agricola Paterna, soc. agr. coop. (Terranuova Bracciolini) Marco Noferi Tamara Scarpellini, Claudia Panichi
10. azienda agricola Altomena (Pelago) Nico Sartori
11. azienda Agricola Cocomeraio (Loro Ciuffenna) Sandra Bazzechi
12. azienda agricola La Ragnaja (Castelfranco Piandiscò) Giulia Gibbino