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Meet Our Team:


Caterina Mazzocolin
Founder – Project Manager – Marketing Consultant and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sommelier
I have grown within Fèlsina, the family winery, where I engaged in sales and public relations for about ten years. Nowadays, I work as a consultant for both firms and entrepreneurs curating the development of new olive oil and wine lines and other processed products. I coordinate all stages of ideation, development, production and product launch, and also manage sales and public relations. Creating this blog is a way to achieve my desire to actively participate in spreading the culture of extra virgin olive oil.


Miriam Bianchi
Founder – Creative Director – Designer Planner. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Shifting away from designing advertising campaigns for various leading Italian firms and building upon fifteen years of experience as a creative director, I have dedicated myself to food and agriculture-oriented projects for the past three years. My role in this blog consists in dealing with communication and managing strategies alongside Caterina, with the visual alongside Jona, and with social media alongside Zoe. Three people I adore. A short chain to support quality olive oil. Attention to design is a key element of products’ excellence. Beauty is revolutionary. 


Jona Sbarzaglia
Visual Designer
I am a visual designer with a passion for branding, type design and colours. My job is that of matching the essence of a brand with the right and harmonious relationship between solids and voids, colours, lines and characters. I draw shapes following a fundamental principle I have never renounced to: they have to embody the faithful expression of an essence. It is in such sense that my design is essential. Olive oil is essential and I deeply loved such correspondence.

Alice Concari
I have been working in the field of International Cooperation for over ten years. I develop partnerships, create projects and engage in planning for public and private institutions alike. I build sustainable development networks in Italy, Europe and on the Southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. I bring about the ideas conceived within Olissea to the world of International Cooperation, fostering their circulation among olive-growers with the aim of transforming them into innovative, productive and cultural practices. To jump into the olive oil world, which has always been dear to me, represents a new, beautiful challenge


Zoe Giannotti
Social media manager
I attended the Spanish international school in Rome and I am currently studying in Madrid. I deal with Olissea’s social media platforms, hoping that my contribution could acquaint my generation with quality food and with all those agricultural realities that safeguard the environment and our health.




Heartfelt thanks for the support to this project go to: Dario Pepe, Massimo Garavini, Marco Gianstefani, Assunta Squitieri, Nicola Gamberi, Carla Capalbo, Giovanni Giordana, Mattia Giovanni Mazzocolin.