Olissea is a new site focusing on high-quality extra virgin olive oil and on those who work to produce, sell or use it. We’re interested in spreading the word about the bigger picture of this unique natural product. Pure olive oil goes beyond being a great food or curative ingredient. When it’s made with respect for the environment it can help to maintain the beauty – and sustainability – of a landscape. It gives work to the people who live on that land and can bring life back to parts of the countryside that may have been abandoned or little cared for.

We hope Olissea will become a forum in which to share information and experiences of good oil-making practices that can be used in Italy and beyond – in any country in which the olive tree grows.
Olissea is self-funded and is therefore free of subsidies or lobbyists. It’s created through the independent contributions of its authors.

A note about the elements of the Olissea logo:
Its stormy sea reminds us of the adversities olive-growers face. A drop in the ocean is like high-quality oil, whose total production is just a fraction of the ‘sea’ of industrial oil being produced.

We hope to reverse this trend, and to use our excellent oils to ‘convert’ the vast amounts of poor-quality oil that are currently flooding the planet.