Gian Luca Grandis, is a Tuscan superstar olive presser, is  in Woodland, not far from Sacramento (CA), and will stay three days in the Windmill company, to press the olives thanks to the specially equipped truck provided by the Turkish entrepreneur Samyr Bayraktar founder of the company Olive Truck. VIDEO and PHOTOGALLERY

The Windmill Company is located in Woodland northern California, and produces mainly wine. However, it also selects olives from neighboring companies to produce quality extra virgin olive oil for the Turkish group Nar Goumert. This time the quality will be guaranteed by the presence of Gian Luca Grandis who keeps us constantly updated with photos and videos of the stay in California aboard of the mobile crusher truck.


Gian Luca is from Florence, a man of great sympathy and, even if the departure for California was marked by the inconveniences caused by the general transport strike, he arrived in Sacramento full of enthusiasm: “They await me here like the Pope in his pastoral journeys in the world “he says” the olives here are wonderful and if I don’t obtain good oil  with those I can even throw myself into the Arno river”. The varieties that he will press for the Windmill company are Taggiasca, Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Ascolana, Coratina and Picual.
From the video that he sent us you can see the machines of the oil mill produced by the Italian company Mori Tem, all already mounted on the truck and, even if the space is small, there is everything necessary to carry out the delicate process in the best way of extraction. It is an oil mill of 5 quintals per hour, but Gian Luca tells us immediately that he will not process more than 380 kg of olives per hour, for an average total of 3 tons per day, the equivalent of 10 hours of daily work.
Break a leg to Gian Luca for this first American olive oil extraction! Stay tuned for the next episode then, to tell the second stage of this extraction of oil directly in the olive groves.