Olissea is 2 years old now and like all 2 year olds is beginning to speak and move around with a lot more confidence. So now we are going to come out of the virtual world of the blog and spread the word of high quality olive oil by putting it ‘on the stage’ in new, artistic way…
Translated by Johnny Madge.
(Thank you!!!)

In the last two years we have told stories that otherwise would not have been told. Beautiful stories because we believe that is important to give out good news. There are lots of great stories and we think it is important to go out and find them because they are ‘contagious’: they suggest good practices and, we feel, are harbingers of good.

We have visited producers so as to listen to there problems and have encouraged them come together in groups and maybe even to buy their own mills so that they can produce quality on their own. We have filmed, photgraphed and written about these meetings so as to broadcast them on our blog: OLISSEA. But now we want to do more by holding an event where it is possible to actually meet these people so that people can see with their own eyes (and taste with their own noses and mouths) that OLIVE OIL IN ITALY HAS NEVER BEEN THIS GOOD! In this way it will be a celebration of the ‘new’ oil but not in the sense of ‘nouveau’ but in the sense of modern oils. We are talking about a product that will no longer be confused with the anonymous, everyday oils that, up till now, we have been finding on our tables.

So it is that we are leaving the virtual world of our blog to create an event called POP-OLIO because we want it to be a popular event in the sense that it is for everybody, particularly for those who want food which is delicious and good for you.

We want to present oil in a way that has new canons of beauty. We want it to be perceived in a way that shows the huge intrinsic value that is has so that it becomes an indispensable everyday product. We want to show people just how delicious these oils are to taste and how each oil from each region can be paired with different dishes from the Italian tradition in surprising and stimulating ways.

POP-OLIO wants to demostrate the delights of these oils through the senses to everybody not just experts. In this first edition we want to put the sense of smell in evidence becuase it is often forgotten in favour of sight which can be quite misleading (particualrly with olive oil) – the sense of smell which is underestimated and even atrophied.

Secondo part soon…
In the meanwhile find the program of POP-OLIO here.
And during the event you can book your olive oil tasting  and have a tour in english!!! Write to info@olissea.it for more info!