It is my great pleasure and honor to salute Olissea, the beginning of an important new journey for people who make, eat and revere great olive oil – and want to defend it from Bad Oil.

While writing about true and false extra virgins, I frequently noticed an important distinction between the people of Good Oil and Bad Oil – between real Extra Virgins, and the nameless, anonymous fat so often sold throughout the world, fraudulently, as “extra virgin olive oil.” Bad oil has numerous, well-funded and carefully synchronized supporters, who spout the same fake science, half-truths and outright lies with the same self-assurance, all reading from the same script. By contrast, the champions of great olive oil all too frequently argue, bicker and backbite with one another. Sometimes, without knowing it, they end up siding with Bad Oil against their fellow friends of the Good. It is the same in politics the world over: supporters of greed, tyranny and mindless globalization all too frequently follow the same carefully orchestrated playbook, while people who think in more nuanced, intelligent terms all too often fall to internal feuds and divisions, battling their friends long before they meet their real opposition.

May Olissea create a chorus of the allies of Great Oil, each with different ideas perhaps, but all singing in harmony… singing the praises of the many oils of excellence, every one of which is born of honesty, scientific integrity, experience, hard work and a love of beauty.